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2024 Professional Services Predictions

For IT services vendors and consultancies, 2024 looks like: Reskill and train your people so you’ve got the right folks ready to deploy at scale to address your clients’ toughest problems. Let someone else handle the easy problems until they get replaced by GenAI. Start baking outcomes-based pricing into every engagement, underpinned by AI and analytics that demonstrate unquestionably what value you are bringing your clients. And lean hard into governance, risk and compliance, unless you do not have those skills already, in which case, find a partner.


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In this year’s special report we expand on 3 key points for 2024:

  • The 2023 focus on reskilling and training will pay off in accelerated revenues in 2024
  • Generative AI will create a pivot to outcomes-based pricing
  • Regulations will become a major pain point for all

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